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We are excited to announce that EDGE Self Defense has been rebranded to Strength Within Self Defense. We have undergone a full rebranding and we are excited to share our new branding with you. During the past year of COVID-19, I have had a lot of time to think about my work in Empowerment Self Defense, “why I do what I do and what do I hope students get out of my courses?” What I have come to realize is that my greatest desires in providing Empowerment Self Defense Courses is that students will find their own strength within and that their work with us is an empowering step on their journey to self discovery. COVID-19 shifted many things in our world but for me, the shifts have only created more focus and resolve to bring these opportunities to others. I look forward to partnering with you on your journey to personal safety and empowerment! -Stephanie Cyr

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Strength within Self Defense defines self-defense as anything you say, do, think, or believe that helps keep you or others safe.  Strength Within takes a holistic approach and believes that self-care is the foundation of self-defense. In a supportive and nurturing environment, students learn mental readiness, situational awareness, de-escalation strategies, and physical techniques.  Strength Within offers online and in-person programs for communities, schools, and corporations. Strength Within also provides two free online resources - Move of the Day instructional videos on Instagram and The Weekly Newsletter. Strength Within is designed to give everyone, no matter gender, size or physical capabilities, the tools necessary to protect themselves from physical, mental, or emotional threats. 


Through discussion, movement, and reality-based scenarios, Stephanie's sessions are fun and empowering. Every individual leaves with new strategies and physical skills to keep themselves safe. Stephanie tailors online and in-person programs for different groups' needs. Please contact us and tell us about your community!

Stephanie provides evidence-based curriculums for students and faculty at secondary schools and universities.  She also speaks at assemblies and conducts seminars for faculty and administrators.  What are your goals for your school? Contact us and let us know!

Stephanie works with companies of all sizes.  She provides wellness workshops that increase safety awareness both inside and outside the workplace.  Her approach includes team-building exercises that enhance company culture while allowing participants to release tension and stress.  Contact us to tell us more about your team!



Stephanie recently participated in the WorldWideWomen Girls' Festival in San Francisco.  Hundreds of girls attended her workshops and started kicking ass!  Click here to read the SF Chronicle article for more details!

Stephanie Cyr

Strength Within Self Defense is led by Stephanie Cyr.  Stephanie is a practicing martial artist, with over 25 years of experience across more than 10 different martial arts.   She holds a 5th-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, in which she has been a coach, official, instructor, and competitor with State and National championships.  Stephanie is also a mother of four, including a18 year-old daughter, who has assisted Stephanie's clinics for high school students.  Currently, Stephanie is a Professor of Self Defense at San Francisco State University and a consultant for the San Francisco Unified School District. Based on her years of experience and evidence-based studies, she has developed age-appropriate curriculums for students, from kindergarten through college.  She is also writing public policy to instill self-defense in physical education programs throughout the country.  Before she turned to teaching full-time, Stephanie was a practicing attorney.  This unique background and instruction in the relevant case law round out her comprehensive approach.

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