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College Campus Ready - Going Out Safety

Are you ready for college?

Starting college is an exciting time to meet new people and become independent. Remember that no one is immune from being targeted for a crime, so stay safe!

Tc & Stay Safe

  1. Become familiar with campus security services. Every campus offers services to keep its students safe. Add the campus emergency line number and campus police to your phone.

  2. Become familiar with your campus.  The better you know your surroundings, the more likely you can tell when something is not quite right and avoid that area even if that means it takes longer to get to your destination. 

  3. Always carry your phone and make sure it’s charged.

  4. Have a buddy or two with you. There is strength in numbers whether you are walking across campus, entering a party, or jumping in a rideshare.  

  5. Let someone else know your plans. Going out will be more relaxing and fun if you know someone has your back!  

  6. Drinking alcohol. Drink only what you bring or mix yourself or can watch being prepared.

Take care and stay safe,


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