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College Campus Ready - Rideshare Safety

You really can do a lot to keep yourself safe and enjoy your university experience. Over time, many of these tips will become second nature. Have a great year!

  • Check the license plate. Make sure the car matches the picture on your app by checking the license plate. Be aware of fake rideshare drivers.

  • Ask “Who are you waiting for?” Make the driver give you a name.

  • Check the driver. Make sure they match their photo. When in doubt, do not get in the car.

  • Share ride details with friends or family. Tap the share status in the app.

  • Ride in the back seat. It’s easier to escape if necessary.

  • Don’t share personal details. Don’t give your cell number to the driver. Communicate only through the app, as it keeps your information anonymous.

Take care and stay safe,


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